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      ส ปิ น สล็อตฟรี

      Promoting the unique culture and voices of Inuit women

      The goal of Arnait Video Productions is to promote and value the unique culture and voices of Inuit women, and to create dialogue with nadians of all origins. In a time when the Arctic is receiving more attention, we want to represent Inuit women’s perspectives and values within larger national and international discussions.

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      30 years in Iglulik

      “Women n do whatever they want.
      Our stories are useful and they shouldn’t be forgotten.”
      Susan Avingaq, 1991.

      Arnait’s adventure started small, with weekly meetings and one-time projects in the village of Igloolik, Nunavut. It has grown into a journey that has transformed all of us, taking us down paths we never knew existed. We have met extraordinary people, we have forged brilliant collaborations, and we have learned as much about the world as we have learned about ourselves. We rried Arnait stories with respect and to the best of our ability. Navigating the world in realities that were not always easy to deal with, we stuck together and figured out how to complete our projects with respect and in friendship. This adventure ends now, thirty years later, and we hope you will continue to enjoy our films and archives.

      We send many thanks to those of you who have trusted us over the years.